Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bar, Day 2

Now there's a bar top, as well as braces and cupholders in the back. It's more stable than I thought it might be, as the tops are attached to the doors. The Volt/Aged acts as a weight to hold the tops down, and a keg inside is ballast for the whole thing.

It's (almost) ready for its big debut at The Shipyard tomorrow night for the Escape From Berkeley dinner & party. Jon and I will add a few touches Friday morning, then pack it for an afternoon delivery.

I'm sure we'll need to add or change a few things after we use it Friday night, but it's basically done.

A new bar!

It's been a while since we updated the blog, as Burning Man interrupted just about everything. However, I'm back in the shop, welding and building. I'm currently making a small bar to augment Jon's Boiler Bar. The Boiler Bar is great, but it takes a crew of at least 4 to load and run it. The new one, which is still un-named, will be a a 1 to 2 person unit. It can go solo, as a mini bar, or be an addition to the Boiler Bar.

I rolled some strap to the diameter of the drum, and welded it to the doors, base and top - the drum was pretty floppy without added support.