Thursday, June 19, 2008

Current projects

The first, most important and most boring project is to organize the space. There's two rooms - one is about 16' x 16' and has a huge skylight. It'll be storage for clean things, Splat's photo studio and space for working on clean projects (sewing? electronics? tool storage?).

The other space has a roll up door and a door to the building hallway. We'll put shelving and benches around the perimeter, and leave the center for working. Terry wants to park inside at night, so it'll be good incentive to keep the main space free and clear.

Photography, working on the diner booth, adding performance bits to the WRX. And of course working on the BBQ - which I somehow forgot.

Making the art car, working on the KLR, ???, getting all the crap out of my livingroom

Working on the Gig Bar & storage

Parking, laundry & storage

Furniture refinishing & storage

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Splat Worldwide said...

yarr, I'm also building that big-ass BBQ smoker thing.