Saturday, July 5, 2008

BBQ smoker update

BBQ smoker - layout, originally uploaded by Splat Worldwide.

Everybody's off to the playa for the Fourth of July, so I've got the workshop all to myself this weekend. Muwahahahaha! I've been making good progress on the BBQ over the last week. Man, I can't wait to get cooking on this thing

New bits:
- The barrel doors have had cross members added for stiffness, as well as lips added to ensure a better seal.
- The firebox lid is complete, it appears to seal well, but I won't really know until I light a fire in this thing.
- Added inner lips to the firebox door on the hinge side
- Added racks to hold the cooking grate
- Made a grate to hold the charcoal in the firebox

BBQ smoker - firebox

Still to do:
- Mounting points for the barrels (they'll be bolt on for easier transport)
- Hook up the chimney pipe between the firebox and barrel mounting plates
- Brace the insides of the barrels to prevent twisting
- Add cooking grates to the firebox and barrels
- Strip the paint off of the barrels
- Add handles to the frame for easier transport


Chris said...

yes, but will it blend?

Splat Worldwide said...

No, but you CAN apply it directly to your forehead.

Tackett said...

I got back to the shop tonight, and was quite happy to know that I messed that much grinding. However, there was some mighty fine grinding on the playa, but nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Splat Worldwide said...

There was a ton of grinding on the firebox and lid to make those edges pretty. But surprisingly, the door that you saw stripped didn't take that long at all. I found these Rapidstrip sponge discs. It's a lot quieter than the flap wheels and it does a great job of taking off the paint without gouging the steel. I'm gonna have to grab a few more of these to finish the job off. One disc pretty much did that door plus a bit of the barrel.

Anonymous said...

That's a thing of beauty. I'm drooling already :)